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President's Message June 2016

Dr. Daryl Green

Knoxville Chapter of USA Dance #2102

June 2016

From the Knoxville Chapter President

My wife Estraletta and I went to Atlanta to compete in the 2016 Georgia DanceSport Competition. At the dance venue, we saw dedicated dancers practicing for the competition. Music was playing. The weekend was very exciting. Our chapter was very well represented with four couple. There were dancers of every age and dance level participating at the competition. USA Dance competitions feel like a family reunion. Folks come together for the love of dancing. After the dance competition, general dancing was offered. Despite the heavy day of dancing, competitors and guest came together for social dancing. DJ Marie played some incredible music to get dancers on the floor playing their favorite ballroom songs. Well, the DJ started asking for music requests. I chuckled and said, "Can we do the Wobble?" [Note: The Wobble is a popular hip hop line dance]

Estraletta gave me the spousal stare about crossing the ballroom line. The DJ said she had the music. Before we knew what happened, the floor was filled with a sea of ballroom dancers doing the Wobble. In fact, the atmosphere was so good that outsiders who were familiar with the Wobble music crashed the dance to 'wobble!' The competitors welcomed the guests as they wobbled together.

USA Dance Inc. is about family. Folks who enjoy dancing and enjoy music. Regardless of where you travel, you will likely find a USA Dance chapter in the area. Our chapter, Rocky Top TN #2102, promotes the growth of ballroom dancing as both a lifetime recreational activity and as a sport. We want to serve as the leader and focal point of ballroom dancing in the East Tennessee region and strive to educate the public regarding the physical, mental and social benefits of ballroom dancing. Each month individuals regardless of age, sex, race, or nationality come together for the love of dancing.

Please continue to invite guests and provide suggestions to make our chapter function better. Please contact David McNish, our membership chair, if you have any questions.

In closing, I have enjoyed my time serving as the president of the Knoxville chapter. Sadly, I must step down because my wife and I are relocating because of my career. We have enjoyed our time here and know that the chapter will be in great shape for the future. We have a dynamic board with good leadership.

It has been my honor and pleasure to serve as your President these past 6 months. The Rocky Top TN club is well established and has grown in number. I look forward to hearing of its continued growth. I am available to help out in any way possible.

We need you, our members! We want you to actively participate in growing our chapter and creating a fabulous dance experience in the East Tennessee region. Relax and enjoy the music. You might just hear 'the wobble' and know that you won't be alone on the dance floor. We are family!!!

Best of Luck!

Let me know how we can better serve you.


Daryl D. Green, President

USA Dance Rocky Top TN (#2102, USA Dance Inc.)