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President's Message February 2016

Dr. Daryl Green
Date Published:
February 11, 2016

USA Dance Chapter #2102 Rocky Top TN

From the Knoxville Chapter President

We are very excited about the future of our Knoxville Chapter (#2102) of USA Dance Inc. In less than four months, we have more than 40 members. I am very honored to accept the challenge of leading our new chapter. The following are our officers: Vice President- Gary Clark, Secretary - Janet Drass-Talbot, and Treasurer -James Shurskis. Committee chairs include Competitor Development – Phil Carter, Hospitality - Estraletta Green, Membership – David McNish, Publicity - Mark McClure, Youth Outreach - Talon Hill, and Rhonda McNish.

Our goal is 500 members within five years. We believe we have the right members to achieve this major goal. Here are some highlights of our new chapter:

· A great chapter name for our members: "USA Dance Rocky Top TN'

· 45 members in only 3 months!

· Obtaining chapter certification within the next 5 months, moving ahead of schedule

· All office and committee filled with competence and inspired leaders

· Sound, financial management

Additionally, I want to personally thank and recognize the Knoxville Chapter steering committee which included Ann Carter, Phil Carter, David McNish, Ronda McNish, Larry Willis, James Shurskis, Laura Muir, and Talon Hill for making our chapter a reality. We need dedicated volunteers.

In fact, we are a volunteer organization driven by our members. Our chapter's mission is to promote the growth of ballroom dancing as both a lifetime recreational activity and as a sport. We want to serve as the leader and focal point of ballroom dancing in the East Tennessee region and strive to educate the public regarding the physical, mental and social benefits of ballroom dancing.

Let me know how we can better serve you.


Daryl D. Green, President